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Feel Good Friday!!!

Time to make some good stories for Monday….lol
But in all seriousness, I want you to think of this:

– If you do not GO after what you want, you will never get it

– If you do not ask, the answer will always be NO

– If you do not STEP FORWARD, you’ll always be in the same place.
I saw that on Pinterest the other day and thought I should share it.

Remember: Your life has purpose, your story is important, your dreams count, and your voice matters.
We were all born to make an impact!!!
Now let’s have a great weekend!! Here’s a funny video for you.

Happy Friday Junior!!!!.. So close….

Do you know how you can benefit my being present and clear minded? The success you already may have would be multiplied. Your creativity would have no limits. Here are some of my suggestions to you.

Work on Your Success. Take Fearless Actions and Think Like a Millionaire!! Let’s invest in ourselves and therefore our future and our families’ future. 

Learn to deal with your stress. Find ways to decompress. There are so many out there. There’s Meditation, Yoga, and for me, it was combat sports

Before you get alarmed, I’m not saying to go in a cage and fight MMA. I’m saying something more along the lines of taking a class or learning self defense. Not only did this help with my stress and anxiety, but it also helped me to be fit. 

And then of course, on the subject of being fit, there is an oldie but a goodie. It’s simple really. WORKOUT!  You don’t have to and join an expensive gym. You don’t need a 1-2 hour workout. 
Find something that fits your schedule
Trust me you’ll love the way you feel afterwards.

Working On Me

In the spirit of Hump Day, and to piggy back on my message from earlier in the week, always remember to work on yourself.

Life is always handing us challenges, if we in our mind and spirit are well, we can conquer anything that comes our way.

1. Meditate- You can be successful if you find ways to better yourself and think like an entrepreneur.

2. Fitness– As I said before, physical fitness is extremely important. Make sure that is part of you daily life.Above all else, never ever give up and always have a little bit of fun!Talk soon

Struggles and Feeling Overwhelmed

Have you ever had those days were it seems like nothing can go right?? It sometimes feels like holy crap what else can go wrong today? You have a stressful day at work and then come home to more problems.

You’re not alone friend. We all have those problems. The big thing is to know how to overcome.

Here are some ways I found help me take a step back and figure things out:

  1. Meditation- I mediate first thing in the morning. It relaxes my mind and gets me on a good start to the day.
  2. Workout- After getting my mind going, I have to get my body going. I opt for a quick morning workout, that will get my sweat on!! It helps really wake me up and believe it or not, relieve some stress.
  3. A Good Breakfast!- Something to look forward to in the morning. Even if you have to go into the office and eat it there, a good breakfast is the final touch to start off your day right! Prep the night before or stop and your favorite place.
  4. A To Do List- I make 10 top priorities that need my attention for the day. If I can get at least 5 done… Awesome!!!

Just Another Monday!!

Mondays are for resetting yourself and preparing for a successful week.

Forget about last week’s failures and do not dwell on them. That does nothing for you.

Instead move forward and become the best every single day.

Make time for Self improvement. Make time for your health and Wellness. And ofourse, more importantly, make time for fun! All business and no play is not the answer. We all need time to decompress.


Hello There,

Welcome to Monday!! A day to restart with a clean slate. Monday has a bad reputation. It is the day we all least look forward to.

Let’s begin looking at Mondays as a chance to do better than we did last week. To set new goals, prioritize, and make things Happen!!!!

So get your coffee, your Planner, and let’s start the week off right!!!
Include time for yourself in there. Meditate, workout, decom-press.
Very important to be successful!!!!

Become an Online entrepreneur!!!!!

If you’re new to the online business market, you have probably come across tons of different marketing options. At times you have probably felt overwhelmed or felt like this probably isn’t for you! Just so you know, anyone and everyone can do it!

In all my research, I have learned you absolutely need 3 things to be successful online:

  1. Good Foundation: Figure out what type of Online marketer you will be. Have the proper mindset, and know where to start.
  2. A Mentor: We all have had one at some point in life. We need someone to guide us to success. Why do it alone?!
  3. A Community: A community of people to be there and support you because they know what your going through. The Online Market is still very new so most people don’t really understand what you’re doing. To have a community to turn to is extremely important.

Good News, my mentor created a step by step program that will give you all 3 things mentioned above along with the ability to earn money as you learn. Check it out here


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